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  • The 5 INDICATORS your chef business is worthy of your efforts and attention NOW
  • The 5 RULES every chef who’s crushing it has in common
  • The 5 STEPS every chef should take to get profitable in business.
  • The 5 GAME-CHANGERS every chef can apply to take the first right step in business
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Chef, times may be uncertain, but you don’t need to be.

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  • Workshop Part 1: get the info I’ve taught chefs for years so you get started in business quickly and profitably
  • Workshop Part 2: Up to 60 minutes of LIVE Q&A with me to get answers to your exact questions


Holly Powers-Verbeck, Founder & CEO

Holly is a culinary disrupter who doesn’t cook. For more than 20 years she’s been dedicated to elevating the lives and careers of chefs through profitable business-ownership. She is CEO of HeyChef!, Lake Tahoe’s premier private chef staffing agency, founded in 1997 with her husband chef Grog. Holly is uniquely qualified to guide driven chefs who want to call their own shots.