Scholarships for Chefs

Who Want to Launch And Build Their Business


Watch this video to hear more about the Rapid Business Launch 30-Day Program, what it can do for you, and how it was created.

Scholarship Application

Applications for the Spring 2022 Rapid Business Launch scholarships have closed. Please book a private call with Holly to talk about the best next steps for your culinary career!


In ten minutes, Holly helped me eradicate one habit that was undermining my success. I highly recommend hearing her speak and working with her.
Elisa M., San Francisco, CA
Phenomenal. Fun and engaging. Now I know what I’m going to do to make a difference.
Jennifer C., San Jose, CA
Step by step, she covers it all. She knows her stuff.
Brian M., Forestville, CA
Her brain just translates it all into simple and so do-able steps, even I can do it!
Maya R., San Francisco, CA
With her skills and experience I absolutely know she has what it takes to get into any business and absolutely turn it around.
Laurie A., Santa Fe, New Mexico
So compelling. She’s got the personal energy you I like to work with. Really powerful and quick help that’s black and white
Robin T., Berkeley, CA
Really great speaker. She delivers and inspires! There’s so much I need help with and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.
Mark S., Oakland, CA
So professional. Knows her stuff and has the biggest heart. She takes my brilliance and creativity and pairs it with proven systems in a platform that gives me results. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
Kate B., San Jose, CA
Super clear. She took me from overwhelm to clarity, with clear leadership, support and a wealth of experience.
Sylvia V., Santa Cruz, CA
Excellent communicator. This woman knows how to run a business. Oh my God – teach me!
Douglas J., Walnut Creek, CA
Something so small can make such a huge difference, Thank you, Holly
Becky D., Concord, CA
Tiny hinges swing big doors in this world, so you should definitely talk to Holly – it’ll change your life!
Allana P., Los Angeles, CA
She knows what she’s talking about and to the point. She has years of experience and knows what she’s doing
Sherry H., Castro Valley, CA
Want success faster? Go to Holly. She knows her shit.
Kimmi F., San Pablo, CA
Holly’s one-day event was an awesome crash course in private cheffing! She knows the demands and expectations of clients – this was totally valuable
Chef Thomas R., Chicago, IL
Holly’s the bomb! She did for my business operations what culinary school did for my cooking
Chef Patrick S., Big Idea Catering, Philadelphia, PA
Few people come to the table with as many resources and ideas as Holly. Every time I need help I know exactly where to turn.
Sean G., Truckee, CA
Thank you for everything you do to make it possible for me to do the work I love. It is so gratifying to do what I do best. I’m amazed and grateful.
Chef Brian H., Manhattan, NY
I was pulling my hair out, up against deadlines and trying to open my business when Holly showed up with her expertise and tools. Without her help, I don’t know what I’d have done.
Chef Alex T., Kitchen Collab, Truckee CA
Holly taught me how to scale using systems in my business. Her extraordinary attention to detail helped me smoothly grow & evolve as demand increased.
Cathie F., Traverse City, MI