Rapid Business Launch
30-Day Program


My Promise:

Launch Your
Independent Chef Business
& Get 12 Five-Star Reviews
in 30 Days or Less

Join my program and together we’ll complete my simple 5-Part Formula to powerfully launch your local chef business.

You’ll gain a bigger local presence than your competitor has achieved in five years of effort – for the cost of the class and a few bags of groceries!

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Take the Next Step in Your Chef Journey with Holly

Holly Powers-Verbeck, Founder & CEO

Holly is a culinary disrupter who doesn’t cook, but chefs who’ve completed the 5-Day Challenge know how much value she adds chefs who are launching and growing their businesses.

If I had to do it all over again, I would have done what I’m about to teach you and completed by journey in less time, with less risk, and less outlay of cash. I’m so excited we’ll be on this journey together!

Chances are, chef, you’re letting one of the biggest,
oldest lies hold you back.

Chef, you took the best first step with the Map Your Business 5-Day Challenge. So many chefs get stuck after that step because they believe there’s a giant list of things they need to do BEFORE they can start their business. This deadly belief can paralyze chefs and keep you on the sidelines your entire career.

Let me give it to you straight. Here’s a list of some of the things you DON’T need to do before you start making profits:

  • Get your business license
  • Form a business entity
  • Build a website
  • Get an FEIN
  • Apply for a sales tax number
  • Design your logo
  • Print business cards
  • Create a handbook
  • Design marketing materials
  • Order office supplies
  • Open a bank account
  • Buy more cool shit

The #1 thing you need to do is GET STARTED. Clients can’t find you on your couch. Now is the time to start cooking and get profitable!


Take my Rapid Business Launch 30-Day Program to get the reviews and profits you need to fill your calendar with ideal clients!


Chef, Is This For You?

When it comes to launching and dramatically expanding your own personal or private chef business are you frustrated (or taking no action at all)  because you don’t know how to:

  • Stop spinning your wheels and focus on the most profitable steps?
  • Get your first clients who can pay you what you’re worth?
  • Secure your future and achieve a steady flow of income?

What can you expect?

  • Save yourself from wasting thousands of dollars in design, marketing and website development costs
  • Systematically launch your independent chef business in 30 DAYS, not months, not years
  • Leverage existing tools & technology you already know & use
  • Shortcut learning curve headaches, avoid D.I.Y. traps, & stop spinning your wheels
  • Avoid getting distracted by unnecessary tasks & shiny technology that doesn’t deliver results
  • I walk you step-by-step through my 5-Part Formula and give you 19 proven D.F.Y. tools to make taking action easy
  • Get profitable from day one

Introducing the Rapid Business Launch 30-Day Program for Independent CHEFS


What's the Format?

  • Each week attend our LIVE 2-hour Zoom workshop class to get the training you need and the exact steps to follow

  • Each week attend our LIVE Q&A coaching session to report your progress, get expert feedback and navigate bumps in the road

Every year I work with talented chefs who take this next step

Listen to what others say. Many of them have gone on to start successful private or personal chef businesses of their own!

Truth is, you could go it alone (and may eventually be successful), but if you want the fastest path and greatest results for your investment of time, hard-earned money and energy the Rapid Business Launch 30-Day Program is for you.

If I had this information when I first started out I would have saved months of hassles, tons of mistakes and tens of thousands of $dollars$ in missed opportunities.

I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to. Chefs who follow this program start to call their own shots, do what they love and get paid what they’re worth in just 30 days!

This program will propel you YEARS ahead of your competition!

Chef, are you plagued by these worries about taking the next step? You're not alone. All the time I hear chefs say...

I don’t know enough about business – I need someone I can trust.


I don’t want to lose momentum, but I don’t know what to do next for my business.


Trying to figure it all out on my own could take the rest of my life.

I’m need to take action but can’t afford to to risk my time and money.


I need to be positive I’ll get real results, or it isn’t worth my effort.


Playing it safe in the culinary world doesn’t work anymore, but I don’t know where to turn for help with my career.

You already know how good it feels to make great progress because you completed the Map Your Business 5-Day Challenge.

My Rapid Business Launch 30-Day Program is for chefs like YOU and NOW is the perfect time to accelerate and get profitable!



(Just like life.)

This path is designed to launch your business and get the word out about you and your food – FAST. I’m not here to teach you to cook and it’s up to YOU to follow through. I promise I’ll keep my commitment and show you a rapid path to become a profitable independent chef.

From: the Desk of Holly Powers-Verbeck

Owner/Founder of Make Your Business Cook! and Lake Tahoe’s #1 Private Chef Service 

I believe chefs are talented, hardworking and deserve to be paid what they’re worth. The food you cook and the problems you solve for your clients is a gift. I know you can complete this mission because you’ve already conquered the 5 Day Challenge.

It’s T minus 30 and you’re about to work as hard as ever, but this time it’s for YOU and YOUR business. Starting a private chef or personal chef business using the Rapid Business Launch program can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!

Call your own shots. Do what you love. Get paid what you’re worth.