You Can Cook, But You Need Help Starting and Launching Your Business.

I’ve got your back, Chef!

Chefs who commit to building THEIR dreams instead of someone else’s report greater satisfaction and higher earnings.

  • If you’re thinking ‘I’d love to, but I don’t know how to take the first step’ I’ve got some great news for you.
  • In this economy it’s not only critical to have your own business, it’s now easier than ever to start it!
  • Is it your dream to make people happy with your food?
  • My business’ success is living proof that you can create a purpose-filled, profitable business using your culinary talents!
  • But, starting takes more than the ability to cook; starting a private chef business requires planning, organization, and commitment.
  • You’ll need help to lay a foundation that will support your growth—I’ve been down the path and worked out the kinks.
  • You’ve just come to the best place to get the help and support you need. So get started and get clicking!

What Would These Changes Mean For Your Life?

In just a few hours, Map Your Business immediately shapes your future.

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The MAP YOUR BUSINESS 5-DAY CHALLENGE is the foundation of a profitable chef business you love.

Its five video segments (viewable on any device) and short downloadable assignments are a time-tested path to guide you to the exact combination of ideal clients, services and benefits you offer.

Learn how to effectively communicate the who, what, where, why and how of your services in a way that:

  • Makes your business cook
  • Increases your edge over your competitors
  • Easily grows your client list and profits faster
  • Effortlessly lays out your business tools
  • Simplifies every business decision you make


Chefs consistently share with us the reasons they selected this challenge as the first step. Their primary reasons are:

  • Flexible and easy for busy chefs to integrate into their schedule.
  • Creates the foundation for your successful business and impacts all future culinary decisions.
  • Closes the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
  • Delivers significant results, fast!
  • Last but not least, affordable.

Hear From Our Chefs

I was pulling my hair out, up against deadlines and trying to open my business when Holly showed up with her expertise and tools. Without her help, I don’t know what I’d have done.
Chef Alex T. - Kitchen Collab, Truckee CA
Holly’s the bomb! She did for my business operations what culinary school did for my cooking.
Chef Patrick S. - Big Idea Catering Philadelphia, PA
Few people come to the table with as many resources and ideas as Holly. Every time I need help I know exactly where to turn.
Sean G.
Thank you for everything you do to make it possible for me to do the work I love. It is so gratifying to do what I do best. I’m amazed and grateful
Chef Brian H., Manhattan, NY

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