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It’s no secret chefs are the busiest people in the world

So I’m offering these juicy grab-and-go lessons you can use at your own pace and on your own schedule…

This week’s topic is:

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2021 is YOUR Year, Chef

Leave the excuses in 2020 and start earning what you’re worth NOW.

Start your own business as an independent chef. It’s the smartest thing you’ll do this year.

Each module is:
  • Affordable, mobile, on-demand
  • Once you purchase a lesson you own it forever
  • Pick only the topics you need OR
  • Collect them all to build your library…and your business

There is NOTHING else like this. So many chefs need a clear path to call their own shots and be paid what they’re worth. And these trainings let chefs do it on their own schedule.

This is not the generic fast-food hamburger business advice you can find all over the Internet.

It’s is mouth-wateringly, custom-made. The “signature steak” of chef business training.

Sink your teeth into topics like:

  • How to structure a business as an independent chef (and find your perfect niche)
  • The difference between a personal and a private chef
  • How to calculate your charges for your ideal client so that you make a profit on every job you work
  • How to promote yourself and your services so that you fill your calendar with good-paying clients


$20.21 Because This Is YOUR Year!

Don’t pay for a huge course that may not have the subjects you care about when you can just buy à la carte training for the low cost of $20.21

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Grab the custom topics you need for your library to start your independent chef business for just twenty bucks a pop. Imagine getting exactly the help you need at exactly the right time!

You can cook, and I can teach you how to run a solid business as a personal or private chef.

  • Finally start cooking to make profits for yourself instead of someone else
  • Call your own shots and do what you love
  • Get paid what you’re worth

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Upcoming Trainings Include

  • Use your social media to attract ideal customers
  • What types of permits you will need for your independent chef business
  • Turning customer objections around
  • The easiest way to set a budget
  • Making tax time stress-free
  • Never get ghosted again, replying to inquiries the smart way


Holly Powers-Verbeck, Founder & CEO

Holly is a culinary disrupter who doesn’t cook. For more than 20 years she’s been dedicated to elevating the lives and careers of chefs through profitable business-ownership. She is CEO of HeyChef!, Lake Tahoe’s premier private chef staffing agency, founded in 1997 with her husband Chef Grog. Holly is uniquely qualified to guide driven chefs who want to call their own shots.