It’s the dream of so many in the culinary world, to start their own personal chef business. To work for their own profits, not someone else’s. To make their own hours and call their own shots. At Make Your Business Cook we are in the business of helping chefs to do just that.

Are you sick and tired of:

  • Waiting for a return to ‘normal’ so you can go back to the kitchen grind and ‘pay your dues’?
  • Using your talents and working your ass off to build someone else’s legacy?
  • Being overworked and underpaid and underappreciated?

If you answered ‘yes’ you’ve probably dreamt of starting and running your own business for a long time (but you’re smart enough to know that leaving the stove and going directly into business ownership can be downright reckless).

To start a personal chef business do you need an LLC? Do you need a Chef website? Do you need insurance? How can you get the word out and find clients?

There are so many factors to consider that many chefs never make it past the wishing stage.

Do More In 30 Days Than Most Chefs Accomplish In Five Years

Just a couple times a year we run an intensive 30 day boot camp called the Rapid Business Launch to get your personal or private chef business up and running as quickly as possible. In those thirty days you are going to work hard at only the business tasks that matter for chefs. You are going to get reviews and you are going to be profitable in your chef business from the very first day.

You have to come ready to give it your all, but if you are ready to stop dreaming and start actually building your dream life, now is the time to take action. This is for chefs who need the fastest path to launch their profitable independent chef business and fill their calendar with ideal clients.

How The Rapid Business Launch Program Works

This program is only for chefs who are ready to take real action towards their dreams. It is truly a boot camp, with training and homework every day for thirty days. Show up and your business WILL grow.

Personal Chefs Who Succeeded Instantly with the Rapid Business Launch Class

As a chef, you probably have a great idea for your business. But in your mind, you probably ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is it possible to run a profitable personal chef or private chef business?
  2. Is it possible to start a business and go out on my own right now?
  3. Is it possible for me to do it?

The answer is Yes, YES, Y.E.S.

These chefs asked those questions too, but look at them now:

In the RapidBusinessLaunch 30-Day Program here are some of the results we’ve helped chefs achieve:

  • Chef Samir, in New York, got six new clients
  • Chef Rashida, in Stafford, VT filled her month with client gigs on Day 12
  • Chef John and his wife Rachel from Burlington, NC got two new clients immediately

We Know It Works Because We’ve Been Doing It For Over Twenty Years

We’ve been helping chefs just like you for decades. And we have a proven method for you to attract ideal clients and get you profitable from day ONE. In fact, chefs who take our RapidBusinessLaunch 30-Day Program get more done in 30 days than most chefs accomplish in five years struggling in business on their own. We’ve got the techniques, ideas, and solutions you need to have your business cooking in no time.

The only thing you’ve got to lose is a way of working that hasn’t been working for you.