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Create business systems and stop wasting time.

The nuts and bolts of business systems includes business planning, time blocking, and impeccable organization. Business planning includes daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual tasks. Time blocking is how you will accomplish those tasks. And organization will keep you on track. 

Turned off yet? Shake it off. So many chefs dismiss this stuff because they think this isn’t about cooking. Oh, but it is! This has everything to do with your cooking. When you take some time to plan your business so it runs more effectively you can do more of the one thing that matters most to you: create amazing meals. If you love cooking and want to run a profitable business, let me introduce you to your sexy new love: business planning, time blocking, and organization.

Knowing how to run a business means getting cozy with business planning, time blocking, and business systems.

I’m so glad you’re still reading because so many people think this stuff is dry. Let me make lay it out for you so you can relate. A farmer who spends 100% of the time harvesting crops is ignorant.

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Everyone knows that a farmer won’t have any crops unless the farmer devotes time to planning the tasks required to grow a crop each season and at each stage of farming process – selecting seeds, preparing the fields, amending the soil, planting, tending, and then harvesting. This is done in unison with repairing and maintaining equipment and securing orders with buyers.

Obvious, right? 

So, roll up your jacket sleeves, chef, because business systems are the backbone of every successful private and personal chef businesses. I promise this is way hotter than it sounds. I promise when you dedicate your time to business systems, you’ll have more time to do what you really love (psst…cooking!).

Chef, time blocking and organization is so sexy hot!

Love cooking? Then love business planning.

Love your business? Then fall in love with business systems.

Love free time? Then swoon over time blocking.

Love higher profits? Then serenade business organization.

Chef, every action either brings you closer to your dreamboat business or keeps you spinning your wheels and wasting time. It’s kind of like wanting to marry the love of your life without having to put in time or effort! There are steps you need to take. You can’t jump bases.

You’re probably an awesome cook, but chances are you struggle with one or more of these four core challenges: 

  1. The mastery of time, 
  2. Decision-making,
  3. Fear and failure, and 
  4. The day-to-day operations of business. 
Create solid business systems

Don’t feel badly, these plague every entrepreneur. The great news is the solution is right in front of you.

Almost Every Action Is Part of a Fundamental Business System

Here is a partial list of tasks all businesses do on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly basis. Without organization and systems in place, these tasks will run your day and create chaos. With them, your business operations hum with productivity and efficiency. As you read the list, pay particular attention to items that elicit an emotional response – these probably need your attention the most.

  • Nurturing leads – are you regularly reaching out to clients and people who can tell clients about you?
  • Sales – do you know how to consistently book gigs with ideal clients?
  • Managing email – yep, it’s a time suck, plus, your spam filter is not a system, it’s only one tool.
  • Paying bills – do you spend more time procrastinating than actually paying bills?
  • Blocking out time for specific tasks – are you using your time effectively?
  • Filing, handling information, storage, and retrieval – can you find what you need when you need it?
  • Recordkeeping – do you know the figures that are the backbone of decisions?
  • Taxes – are you procrastinating and filing extensions?
  • Execution of your money-making products/services – do you have a method to consistently exceed the expectations of your customers?
  • Handling voice mail – do you return calls promptly?
  • Conducting individual and group projects – do you meet team goals and deadlines?
  • To-Do lists – do you prioritize daily tasks and long-term projects?
  • Hiring, training and developing employees – this includes discipline and dismissal, too.
  • Essential scripting –do you constantly repeat information about your products/services to customers by phone or email?
  • Meetings – are they planned, short and productive?
  • Job duties – does each person have specific tasks and goals to reach?
  • Problem solving, decision making, brainstorming – do you have a method to address challenges, evaluate purchase and identify opportunities?
  • Outsourcing – can you quickly and properly screen professionals working on your behalf?
Increase business profitability. Make Your Business Cook.

Creating business systems will allow you to spend more time doing what you love.

Every business owner I work with says they want more time to do what they do best. I get it. No one wants more time behind a desk. If you want six-pack abs, you have to do crunches. And if you want a sexy hot profitable business you need to put in the work, pay attention to the small things, and establish systems!

When you decide you’re ready to act and run your business instead of letting it run you, suddenly the prospect of business planning looks appealing. Breaking through resistance to see the results it can bring you may even swoon over the time you dedicate to mapping your business.

  • Remember, one or more of these four core challenges plague every entrepreneur – the mastery of time, decision-making, fear and failure, and the day-to-day operations of business. 

Business really suffers when you lack an understanding of these fundamentals. I’m not talking about your talent or skills, chef—you’re an expert at what you do. I’m talking about running your business so it doesn’t run you. The solution to these challenges is business planning, time blocking, business systems and organization.

When I conduct strategy sessions with chefs just like you, we dive into the specific struggles of the company and of the entrepreneur who runs the company. My work is focused on customized support chefs need to conquer chaos, reclaim their time, and create systems and teams that build the foundation of a dream business.

The core difficulties plaguing every business are a function of the entrepreneur running the business. It is quite likely you, more specifically your business habits, that are getting in the way of the time you need for your life and business. Embrace this and you’re headed towards great change!

Make Your Business Cook with exemplary business coaching

I’m Here to Help If You’re Tired of Wasting Time

The challenge is most people need a specific plan and ongoing support to eliminate years of poor work and personal habits and to implement new ones.

  • Remember, it takes twenty-one days to form a wanted habit and ten times longer to unlearn an unwanted one.

If you’re truly committed to leading and operating an efficient and profitable business but find yourself up to your eyeballs in chaos, I invite you to attend one of my workshops to take a look at where you are now, where you’d like to be and what’s keeping you from getting there. I offer you my time, because I want you to regain yours.

Remember, I don’t cook. I’m an expert at helping chefs build their personal and private chef businesses because I married a chef and built the systems that made our business profitable. 

Today, our company employs 50 chefs, bartenders, baristas, shoppers, and servers because I created super-efficient business systems. Turns out my super-power is being hella gifted at business systems. I know I can help you because I remember what it’s like to be where you are now. I want you to succeed, so reach out to me and let’s get started together.

What you’ve just read isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, until you take action. I’m devoted to helping you make sweet music – and money – in your business by leaving your mark in the world with your culinary talents and dreams. 

All you have to do is take the first step!