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Road map to becoming an independent chef

Lots of chefs say they want to run their own personal or private chef business although few feel confident that they know the steps they should take to actually get started. What’s more, not every cook is cut out for this work. The fact is, some cooks are born “naturals”. And others would do well to stay in the back of the kitchen. In reality, a majority of chefs could start and run a successful independent chef business if they just knew where to improve.   

Recent changes in our world and economy have drastically affected the careers of chefs and the lives of those they serve. What follows is a complete guide to help you identify what you need to know about your skills so you can be confident about starting your independent chef business now.

What’s the first step to start my own business as an independent personal or private chef?

There are actually two steps you can take right now.

First – leverage the truth.

There’s nothing more powerful than accurately assessing your strengths and challenges. Chefs who are willing to look at the ways they can improve drastically increase their chances of success. Likewise, chefs who know their natural strengths can magnify them and radically accelerate their efforts.

Second – take action and get the information you need.

You can sit on your couch and dream about the business you’ll have someday. Or you can take actions each day that move you closer to your goal. (You’re doing it right now by reading this!)

What are the four things I need to start and grow my own personal chef business or private chef business?

Skills, aptitude, and readiness or willingness are the three primary attributes you need to get started. Be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone, and to learn, grow, and thrive in a business you created. Reshape your future and change the lives of those you interact with through your profession. It’s not enough to just cook good food.

The fourth thing need is someone to point out the way who’s been where you want to go. With the right person guiding you on the most direct route, you reduce your risk and increase your rate of success.

Roadmap to success as a personal chef

I answered that call for chefs. I’ve been running a private chef and personal chef staffing company for 23 years. The methods used by our company have been tested and are proven to work. This guide provides a self-assessment tool to identify the impacts a chef faces to succeed in their own business. 

What’s next after I take the assessment?

You’re in the right place.

But what do I do next you ask.

Thankfully, you’re not the first or the only chef who’s ever dreamed of starting and running your own culinary business. This means a path already exists. You can get information and strategically move forward, map your business, identify your ideal client, and fill your calendar.

Don’t stop here. Use the information to propel you into the right action to take for you and your business.

Let me show you the way to success

Has COVID-19 made it harder for chefs to start and grow their businesses?

No. If anything, it has accelerated the demand for private and personal services. Now more than ever clients want, and need, to enjoy professionally prepared food in the safety and comfort of their own homes.

If you’ve been impacted by the pandemic you know how rapidly things are changing. And chef, you don’t want to miss this train! While some chefs are saying “I’m in trouble!” other chefs are getting fired up and taking action. These chefs are shouting “I’m not in trouble, I’m in transition!”

For chefs ready to take action, I recommend investing time to learn the rules and abide by game-changers of other chefs. Don’t miss the chance to get more information emailed to you. Sign up for one of the workshops or webinars I conduct every week for chefs just like you.

Yes, things have changed. Yes, things are in flux. But I’ve got you covered!

Bonus gift with your roadmap for success

Your copy of The Complete Road Map for Becoming an Independent Chef is free and it’s my gift to you.

I’ve spent the last 23 years dedicated to helping chefs go pro, call their own shots, and get paid what they’re worth to do what they love. For years I’ve seen patterns in chefs who succeed in business and chefs who struggle. Preparing this for you was a labor of love.

But there’s so much more.

Taking the right steps in the right order requires more than just an assessment and good culinary skills. That’s why I’ve included an instant bonus for every chef who downloads the guide. The value of this bonus material has the power to get you off the sidelines and into action in moments instead of months and years.

(Told you I’ve got you covered.)

Roadmap to success as an independent chef

Chefs really just want to know if they have what it takes. Here’s a copy of what you need now to continue to cook, on your own terms. Plus I’ve included more information to help you on your way. Go forth.