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Did you know the most popular search on the internet relating to chefs is ‘What’s the difference between a personal chef and a private chef’? That’s because there’s so much confusion about the two terms. Not just for consumers, but chefs. That’s why I made this guide as a free resource.

You’ve got questions. This guide has answers.

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What’s the difference between a personal chef and private chef?

This question seems basic, but there’s a lot of overlap, and the traditional definition of these jobs doesn’t suit our modern day as much as the new term independent chef. After all the shift that hit the fan in 2020, the Year of the Chef is finally here: 2021.

This guide will answer your questions about the new, fastest growing career path for chefs who want to call their own shots, do what they love, and get paid what they’re worth.

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Does a personal chef or private chef earn more?

The pay depends on many factors, and you’re wise to know what’s involved before you take on a job like.

What are the qualifications of a private chef?

(And how to avoid becoming your client’s nanny and dog walker)

What is the job description of a personal chef?

Use this guide to how you can make a profitable business serving your food to people who want to reclaim their time at their dinner table.

You’ll also:

  • learn where clients look to find you, chef
  • what one thing most clients want from chefs in 2021 and beyond 
  • discover real-life examples of chefs who are crushing it on their terms
  • plus get essential tips for your success
  • and find out how to get started

How can I start my business as a personal chef or personal chef?

When you’re ready, chef… here are 4 ways I can help you grow your independent chef business:

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3. Take the Rapid Business Launch 30-Day Program.

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4. Ask questions, get help with me and my team

If you’d like to work directly with me and my team so you can call your own shots, do what you love and get paid what you’re worth…contact me!