Holly Powers-Verbeck, Founder & CEO

Holly is a culinary disrupter who doesn’t cook. For more than 20 years she’s been dedicated to elevating the lives and careers of chefs through profitable business-ownership. She is CEO of HeyChef!, Lake Tahoe’s premier private chef staffing agency, founded in 1997 with her husband Chef Grog. Holly is uniquely qualified to guide driven chefs who want to call their own shots, do what they love, and get paid what they are worth.

How We Got Where We Are Today

I set up my private chef business in 1997.

Disclaimer: I don’t cook. I married a chef and got fed up with the industry not paying him what he was worth. He deserved more money and respect for his skills. I started a business so he could do what he loved and also get paid! This was twenty years ago. Our business is thriving and profitable today, with dozens of culinary pros who serve over a thousand clients in homes in the greater Lake Tahoe area of California and Nevada.

Setbacks and my backstory didn’t stop me.

We’ve all been ill-taught and wounded. My history includes living through my parents’ multiple broken marriages, years of molestation, and overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. I’ve had and lost money, and stood on the brink of divorce and bankruptcy.

I’m dedicated to elevating the lives and careers of chefs through business ownership.

My business coaching is unique because 1) everything I teach has already been tested and I use it every day in my profitable private chef business and 2) my techniques and knowledge are unique to our industry. It’s not generic, it’s extremely specific to chefs.

My specialty is the behind-the-scenes art of running and growing a private chef business.

I can short cut the process and reduce the learning curve FOR YOU! My ultra-informative videos, emails, and online courses empower and teach countless chefs how to turn their passion for cooking into a real paycheck.

You and I aren’t really that different.

I’ve been angry, overworked and exhausted from working to prove my worth. And I’ve come through the other side a clean, sober and thriving business owner. Today, I create from my VISION rather than my CIRCUMSTANCES.

Life is full off the clock.

I’m married to chef Grog and our two kids are my greatest accomplishment. I like paddling on Lake Tahoe, stand-up comedy, roller coasters, fast motorcycles, large crowds and live music (oh, and I love the word ‘plethora’).

Do you want to get on the best path for your chef business?

I want to help you get started today!