5-Day Challenge


We’ll painlessly guide you through our fast-paced 5-Day Challenge so you can:

What you need to know BEFORE starting your business:

  • Discover the Three Easy Steps You Need to Stand Out In a Competitive Marketplace
  • Understand Our Game-Changing Two-Part Formula to Attract Ideal Clients Who have the Money to Pay You
  • Create an Effective Marketing Message that Conveys a Solution to Your Clients’ Problems
  • Magnetize the Right Clients To You And Never Chase After Clients Again
  • Customize the Five Techniques that Leverage Your Passion So Clients Know, Like & Trust You
  • Confidently Communicate the 7 Essentials of Your Business Map So You Don’t Waste Time & Money Marketing to the Wrong Clients
  • Assemble More Than 32 Custom Plug-and-Play Tools So You Can Make Better Decisions, with Greater Ease, In Your Business Everyday

I designed this challenge so you can move forward with the speed and determination of a Viking! You’ll conquer more territory in just FIVE days (and have fun doing it!) than many chefs who’ve been in business for years.

Take the Challenge Today - Chefs who act now get a super valuable BONUS.


Your BONUS gift is my Chef’s Fundamental Guide to Using Photography to Get More Clients. This isn’t a generic photo guide – it’s specific for chefs who are in business for themselves!

These fundamentals teach you how to:

  • Quickly identify if your photos measure up and how to elevate their quality immediately
  • Create photos which convey an inspirational message that speaks to your client
  • Present meaningful photographs that shout about your great food and business – so you don’t have to
  • Avoid looking like a rookie chef- and start getting paid what you deserve
  • (Don’t have a name or site yet? That’s ok, just leave ‘em blank.)

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Meet Your Master Instructor

Holly Powers-Verbeck, Founder & CEO

Holly is a culinary disrupter who doesn’t cook. For more than 20 years she’s been dedicated to elevating the lives and careers of chefs through profitable business-ownership. She is CEO of HeyChef!, Lake Tahoe’s premier private chef staffing agency, founded in 1997 with her husband chef Grog. Holly is uniquely qualified to guide driven chefs who want to call their own shots.

Yes, Holly show me what I’ll get! Why is this low-cost Challenge better than spending $thousands$ hiring a consultant or wasting months taking a boring business class that isn’t designed for chefs?

I started my personal chef and private chef staffing business in 1997. But if I had to start it all over again I’d do a lot of things differently. That’s because I’ve learned what should and shouldn’t be done. If I followed the map I’m providing you, I’d have been more profitable, faster, and with fewer growing pains.


Introducing the 5-Day Map Your Business Challenge for CHEFS

Click now to secure the $449 beta price before it goes up to $997!



This 5-Day Challenge will take you from where you are now and strategically position you to own and operate a profitable and thriving personal chef or private chef business!


I’ll show you my step-by-step path so you can:

  • Short-Cut Uncertainty
  • Confidently Navigate the Stages of Launching a New Business
  • Re-Direct & Energize Your Flagging Business
  • Call Your Own Shots
  • Earn What You Deserve

And here’s why the BONUS is so helpful to where you are in business right now!

Chef, there are so many things you need to know to run a profitable business. Cooking’s only the start. That’s why it’s important to me that you have all the knowledge you need to succeed. That’s why I’m offering you the ACTUAL assessment tool, guidelines and checklist I created to evaluate and coach chefs over the last 20+ years.

I wrote this recipe for culinary business pros to:

  • assess and up-level your current photo skillz
  • Use photos to make sales without talking
  • Steer clear of poor photos that actually damage your business and image
  • Avoid wasting money on bad stock photos or expensive custom shoots
  • Reveal your untapped resources and opportunities

This guide gives you my recipe!

When you sign up for the 5-Day Challenge NOW, I’ll include my Chef’s Fundamental Guide to Using Photography to Get More Clients. This BONUS has a street value of $85 but it’s worth its weight in gold because it reveals what to show clients so they’ll pay what you deserve.

You’ll wish you’d found this BONUS years ago, it will:


  • Position you as an authority to your ideal clients
  • Increase your profitability because clients see your talent deserves top pay
  • Convey a comprehensive, unique, and compelling message about your professionalism

Get your hands on this now because it isn’t available anywhere else and it makes the cost of the Map Your Business 5-Day Challenge a no-brainer. This BONUS has the power to elevate your business over your competitors and it’s yours when you sign up today!


When you follow through and finish this 5-Day Challenge here’s some of the results you’ll get:

  • Step-by-step instructions to map the foundation of your business from a leading professional who’s paved the way for where you want to go
  • Short, easy videos and worksheets each day to help you complete the Challenges with ease
  • A crystal-clear understanding of your target market and ideal client
  • Seven tools and templates for you to plug-and-play that you’ll use every day in your business
  • A big, clear vision of your business that serves as a force for good
  • A complete, powerful and versatile marketing message specifically designed for your business
  • The secret methods I used so you can position yourself as an authority and stand out from the competition
  • Increase your exposure and get greater visibility in your marketplace 
  • Concrete tools for your business that increase confidence in decision-making
  • An experienced coach who will push you to do more than you’d accomplish on your own
  • Significant progress on your business in just five, focused days
  • Two Bonus tools
  • PLUS chances to win great prizes every day

Whew! Great stuff, right?!

When I started my private chef business more than 23 years ago I had no idea so many of the chefs I employed would become my competition. Here’s why it doesn’t bother me.

To tell you the truth, in the beginning it DID bother me. In the early years I had to figure everything out all on my own and I made some mistakes that no one paid for but me. More than once I overheard other chefs talking with my husband saying things like ‘Dude, if I had someone to send out estimates, process invoices, make client phone calls and team me with trained waitstaff I’d run a business , too.’ And that inspired me to grow my one-chef business into the multiple six-figure business it is today. (Today, we have between 25-50 chefs and staff who execute seamless chef gigs in the privacy of our client’s homes.) We were profitable in the early years when my toddlers ran around the kitchen table that was my office. And chefs paid attention to the way I did things behind the scenes.

My business was the launch-pad for scores of private chefs and personal chefs to go into business for themselves. Once they started doing what I was doing they got their own clients and became my direct competition!

It doesn’t bother me though. I’m known for helping chefs get paid what they deserve. When chefs got 2X and 3X their restaurant pay working with me they gained confidence and quit.  They used my back-office solutions and systems, got some personal and private chef experience under their belts and their confidence increased more. My company HeyChef! gave them confidence to pursue a higher vision of their professional lives. That makes me proud.

When business is done well it benefits everyone (owners, team, customers) and there’s enough to go around. My business shielded chefs from costly start-up mistakes because it served as laboratory for testing best practices, systems, pricing and more. Recently, chefs nation-wide are asking how I did it. That’s why you’re reading this today.

You don’t have to suffer through the painful mistakes I made because I’ll show you how YOU can avoid them and share the exact steps you should take to start and grow a profitable business from Day 1. I’ll even show you how to take your business to the NEXT level (you can grow this business as big as you like or keep it small – it’s your choice.)

Get ready to start a profitable business in the comfort of your own home with all the resources you need from MakeYourBusinessCook!

Don’t take just my word for it.

Listen to what my fans have to say. Many of them have gone on to start successful private or personal chef businesses of their own!

Before Holly it was a struggle to find clients, but her years of experience directed me to a bigger, better audience. – Chef  Abi C.


After one session about mastering money decisions with Holly I bid and landed a client for twice what I was going to charge! Holly is insightful and experienced and I’ve used her for years. My business has grown because she helps me get and keep ideal clients.  She’s not just a coach, I consider her a friend and her advice is invaluable. – Chef  Jon H.

Holly gave me a crash course in private cheffing unlike anything I’d experienced before! Totally valuable! – Chef  Thomas R.

Everything Holly shows me is changing everything about my life and work. I didn’t know it doesn’t have to be hard! – Chef  Marnita B.

I have a confession to make…. I don’t cook, so my family thought I was crazy to start a private chef business!

In 1996 I married a chef, we wanted to start a family and I wanted to make the mortgage on my home. So when I told my family I was going to quit my corporate job and live off the income of a chef they thought I was mad! Today I run a six-figure private chef business with dozens of culinary pros who serve thousands of clients in the Greater Lake Tahoe area of California and Nevada and want to share how I did it.

Starting a profitable private chef or personal chef business is not as crazy or as difficult as you think. If you want…

  • To be paid what you deserve as a professional chef
  • More time, more money, and more freedom
  • A profitable business model you can scale without going in to debt
  • An easy-to-start business that DOESN’T REQUIRE you to sign over your firstborn and commit to a huge financial investment for a lease and expensive equipment
  • A business that allows you to call your own shots and gives you more quality time with the ones you love…

Then listen up closely because this 5-Day Challenge provides the map for you!

“But Holly, I’m not sure this is for me right now because ...”

Chances are, that’s your FEAR talking again! My Map Your Business 5-Day Challenge requires only one small investment on your part – you have nothing to lose if ANY of the following apply:

  • You’re a chef with passion for your craft and a rage to master in the kitchen.

This isn’t just for 25-year veteran chefs. Whether you recently finished culinary school or you’ve been creating signature dishes for decades this Challenge maps a clear path to take your business to the next level!

  • You’re a chef with a very specific type of client.

Whether you specialize in Celiac-safe meals, work exclusively on private yachts or excel at  kid-friendly family food, my business methods work. It doesn’t matter what you cook or whether you’re doing it in New York City or a tiny Midwest town – this 5-Day Challenge covers every niche of private chef and personal chef businesses!

  • Your income is at the whim of an employer and an uncertain economy.

I meet LOTS of chefs whose futures are uncertain. Some of the most talented chefs I know run the risk of losing everything because they’re not calling their own shots. Wouldn’t it be great to know you can take charge of your income and your future with the skills and talent you already have? If you’re ready to take action and learn the skills of mapping a profitable business you’re in the right place.

  • You’re raking in cash with your business but running yourself ragged.

Maybe you’ve taken the leap and started your own business already but if you’re still just paying the bills this 5-Day Challenge will increase your profits, maximize your message and leverage your skills!

Discover the Low-Risk, Low-Cost Map to Position Your Private Chef or Personal Chef Business for Maximum Profits!

Let’s face it… being a chef is tough and security isn’t guaranteed. Most struggle to make ends meet. 

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own business, my Map Your Business 5-Day Challenge should be your first step.

Chefs consistently share the reasons they selected this 5-Day Challenge as the first step:

  • It’s flexible and easy for a chef to integrate into their busy schedule
  • It drives your decision-making process and becomes the foundation for your business
  • It closes the gap between where you are professionally and where you want to be
  • It delivers significant, crystal-clear results, fast!
  • Last but not least, it’s affordable.

Starting a private or personal chef business will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your life, but you need to follow my proven system to save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in the process!

Ready To Join Other Chefs & Take the 5-Day Challenge?

You can waste a lot of money and time on D.I.Y. projects and still have nothing to show for it months or years down the road. The 5-Day Challenge is different. You’ll get shit done and get real results in just DAYS.

Stop dreaming and start doing today:

When you sign up today you get a FREE BONUS plus the reassurance that you don’t have to go it alone. The 5-Day Challenge is a Done-With-You program you complete in five days (not months or years).

  • You do the work, you’re in charge of the direction and your success
  • You get the right level of support and accountability at each stage
  • You work alongside other like-minded chefs focused on success
  • You get strategically pushed forward by an experienced guide

In under a week The Map Your Business 5-Day Challenge will give you the benefit of my experience and time-tested methods as the blueprint for your profitable business.

Some Chefs Should NOT Take My 5-Day Challenge

When you purchase the 5-Day Challenge you must complete it on time. You’ll get access to all my powerful methods, the materials and my coaching but your login name and password will EXPIRE eight days after you purchase it.

You actually have to get work done. There’s a real deadline and no refunds for slackers.

I designed it this way because every chef knows deadlines make you work faster and harder. (Some chefs even perform better under press.)

DON’T join my Challenge if you aren’t committed to taking action NOW.

Chef, this is NOT for you if:

  • You’re a know-it-all and you think your food is all that matters
  • You won’t take directions without arguing or asking questions
  • You aren’t willing to commit to a deadline.
  • You focus on the past instead of the future, blame others and make excuses
  • You want a life coach, fluffy inspiration, or mind shift therapy
  • You kid yourself about being willing to take real action to shift your circumstances
  • You’d rather dream of a fancy logo instead of getting shit done by following a proven, step-by-step method

DON’T WORRY: The total run time of all Challenge videos is just 146 minutes. Many chefs finish the five Challenges in fewer than five days but I’ve given everyone eight days from time of purchase because life happens (but excuses shouldn’t).

Yes, I want the Map Your Business 5-Day Challenge and I’m not afraid of a deadline!

Here’s exactly what you’ll get in each Challenge:

  • Day One – Three Easy Steps To Stand Out in a Competitive Marketplace
  • Day Two – Our Two-Part Formula to Attract the Right Clients
  • Day Three – Create a Marketing Message So Clients Come To You
  • Day Four – Five Techniques to Leverage Your Passion So Clients Know, Like & Trust You
  • Day Five – Pull it All Together: 7 Essentials & 32 Custom Tools You’ll Use Everyday
  • Chances to win PRIZES every day

And my BONUS guide: The Chefs Fundamental Guide to Using Photography To Get More Clients

I won’t teach you how to cook.

I WILL show you how to map and leverage your own private or personal chef business in JUST FIVE DAYS.


Chances are, chef, you’re letting one of the biggest, oldest lies hold you back.

So many chefs never take the first step because they listen to bad advice. They believe there’s a giant list of things they need to do BEFORE they can start their business. And this deadly belief will paralyze you from starting and keep you on the sidelines your entire career.

Let me give it to you straight. Here’s a list of some of the things you DON’T need to do before you start your business:

  • Get your business license
  • Form a business entity
  • Build a website
  • Get an FEIN
  • Apply for a sales tax number
  • Design your logo
  • Print business cards
  • Create a handbook
  • Design marketing materials
  • Order office supplies
  • Open a bank account
  • Buy more cool shit

The ONE THING you need to do – get started. Clients can’t find you on your couch. Take my Map Your Business 5-Day Challenge to create the road map to get your first great clients!


Here’s Exactly What I’m Offering You Today:

A chance to stop dreaming and take Viking-like action, with an experienced guide who’s been where you want to go.

A proven method for identifying and finding your ideal client who has the money to pay you what you’re worth.

Honestly, I charge a lot more than the price of this workshop when I work one-on-one with my private chef clients. My mission is to elevate the lives of as many chefs as possible through their own business ownership so I created this challenge as an affordable solution.

If anyone told me about a deal like this when I first started out I would have paid 10X the price because I remember the costly and painful mistakes I learned from. Having this Challenge would have been a Godsend.

Every year I work with talented chefs like you...

Truth is, no matter what stage of business you’re in, if you operate without this unique, insider information you won’t make the money you deserve.

If I had this information when I first started out – I would have saved countless hours of hassles, tons of mistakes and tens of thousands of $dollars$ in missed opportunities.

But because I’ve already made the mistakes, you don’t have to – conquer the 5-Day Challenge and put yourself YEARS ahead in just days!

Chef, have you ever had the thoughts hold you back?

You’re Not Alone! All the time I hear chefs say:

I don’t know enough about business – I need someone I can trust.


I ‘m tired of just keeping up. But I don’t know where to start.


If I try to figure it all out on my own it could take the rest of my life.

I want to take action but I can’t afford big, expensive risks.


How will I know when the time is right? I keep waiting for a sign.


Playing it safe isn’t working for me and I want more out of life.

It’s time to cart those old beliefs out to the trash where they belong! My Map Your Business 5-Day Challenge for chefs is exactly what you need at the perfect time!